The birth of a young designer

Sometimes parenting can be downright hard. Other times, you laugh and smile so hard the back of your jaws hurt.

I’ve had some tough times being a parent to my oldest daughter. Not because of her behavior, but because of my lack of maturity in certain areas. One of the fastest ways I think a person can grow is by taking care of children. It’s like they are sent here to make sure every ugly thing inside of you is eradicated little by little. Lol! But first, it all has to be brought to the surface, just like impurities in metal that has been put into fire.

God knew I needed some serious growing up. So, He sent me a strong-minded, opinionated, justice-loving, sweet, giving, talkative and creative little girl. Those adjectives just skim the surface. Such a lovely gift for an introverted mom. Lol. Seriously.

There is much we could talk about concerning parent-child relationships, but today I want to share how my daughter impacts me with her creativity. She has always loved to create. Sometimes her work inspires other creative ideas in me.

One day, I happened to walk past while she was coloring on white squares of paper. At that moment, she was using a blue marker. Her design immediately spoke to me and said, “I am a fabric design!” I thought to myself, “Why, yes you are!” I spoke none of the such to Karis. I simply suggested that she should create a design with each of the colors if she wanted to. She already had pre-cut squares of approximately the same size. She happily got to work and when it was all finished, presented me with a stack of designs.

Fast forward. A package comes in the mail and I ask Karis is she would help me open it. I handed her the package and walked away. As soon as I heard squeals and a loud “mom!”, I knew she had realized what I’d done. And just like that a fabric designer was born.

So, we got to work on creating a design with her first print. Sneak Peek.

karis fabric

Today, we will be sharing some items we made with another one of her designs.

For this print, we went with an organic cotton knit fabric. It offers a little bit of stretch, and I knew I wanted to make a cute shirt for Karis out of it.


We went with a raglan shirt with a peplum, and I thought it would be fun to leave the edges raw and unfinished. I thought she did such a great job on this design.


She is giving me a full ethnic vibe here with this print. I’m loving it so!


Even though she is 9 now, she was my same silly and beautiful model at 4…………..



pics44 103





and 8………………….


Awwwwww, singing, “Back down memory lane!”

Well, getting myself back on topic. This post would not be complete without showing you what I did with the remaining fabric.

Can’t leave little sis out.




That’s all folks! Catcha next time!


I hope you have enjoyed spending a little time peeking into our little creative world. Making clothing for my children is one of my greatest joys. I’m so glad I am now able to share this joy with other children through my business. There are some fun things in the works for Valentine Handmade.

So, what do you think about this budding designer I have over here? Leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “The birth of a young designer

  1. Such a gift to watch our children blossom, and I clap my hands to you for seeing potential in your child and capitalizing on it. What a blessing to both of you to get to share in this same joy.💜


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