Something to invite my children into.

This is part of a series where I share the motivation behind Valentine Handmade. If you missed it, the intro is here.

It is good for my children to see me pursue a thing that brings me joy using skills they have watched me build. It is part of their growing identity. They come from a line of artitisans before them on both sides. So, it’s important to me that they have opportunities to create as well as receive things created for them.


They need plenty of opportunities to learn what brings them joy. Sewing is one form of creative expression they are exposed to. Per chance, this creative art is not a mainstay of their life’s call, they will still be able to walk away with transferable skills to any industry.

I want my children to:

  • learn the value of work and time

  • learn to care for themselves

  • learn how to do what they don’t feel like doing

  • learn to ask for what they need

  • learn to express themselves

  • learn what satisfies them

  • develop their talents and resources

  • learn to receive and to give

One more thing………..

Maybe I’ll feature something like this when I want to share bits of my story.

Tamika’s Corner –

I am thankful to have a family. I can’t say I was one of those girls that dreamed of it from a young age. I was in survival mode. Raised, primarily by my great-great aunt, as an only child I spent lots of time alone and learned the art of quiet. It wasn’t until later in life that I learned of the absence of several things I needed for growth, maturity and joy. I thank God for second chances. I am a parent that is being re-parented. There are two seasons that must run concurrently for me:

1. I must parent my children by giving sacrificially without expecting anything in return, while building a home. 2. I must continue to grow and mature, by assessing and addressing the gaps in loving community with others.

Valentine Handmade is a result of me finding something that brings me joy and pursuing it. I am thankful for the opportunity for my husband and I to share this experience with our children. They see it all, the fears, the joys and are still happy to be with me.

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