Be life giving to other children.

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Learning to receive and give is a crucial component of our humanity. Even the tiny cells in our bodies have a way of balancing this great exchange for maximum productivity.

Before we can give, we must learn to receive.

Our children have been the recipients of intentional kindness from others.

note from Louise

My heart gets so full and often overwhelmed with the love that has been shown to my family.

note from Lashauna


I know what it feels like for someone else to love on my children.

note from kaitlin

Intentionally engage with them. Correct them. Speak truth to them.

Abraham's not from the Kearns'


Pray for them, and the list goes on. It is a beautiful expression of what community should be.

Processing this topic , and searching for the above items, led me to the understanding that I really like notes. I love handwritten notes! That’s just it. Not an email. Not a text. But a written note. I remember leaving notes written on napkins to my waiters when I went out to eat. Oh, those were my favorite. They would mostly be little words of appreciation for their service and a few words of encouragement for their journey. So, I am over the moon to know that my children have started their own little collection of handwritten notes and meaningful gifts from others.

This is a gift I would like to give to other children.

Since I make clothing and toys for children, I’m thinking this would also be a wonderful avenue to incorporate this note writing love of mine. I just have not quite figured it out yet. I have some ideas brewing.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Be life giving to other children.

  1. Maybe you could take quotes from the note and create a pattern with them OR throw in a note with each order. Your card making skills are top notch as well. Loving reading your thoughts and heart during this journey of yours. 🙂


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