Gotta be nimble, but not like Jack.

Continuing on with my journey of discovery here. If you care to start from the beginning, you can go here.

This one is simple, yet complex. Nevertheless, my desire.

be nimble

There are some things in my life that must come into proper alignment. Flat out. I don’t want the King to call and I have every kind of excuse as to why I can’t move. I mean, two- thirds of his name is “Go”, so if I’m stuck, I’m just not seeing how that’s beneficial. I’m being silly, but serious. There are times we need to be still. But if He’s calling, that’s not one of them. I want to hear well, move right away (delayed obedience is still disobedience), and not be encumbered by excuses as to why I am not in position to respond. I gotta long way to go, but I’m moving.


It is my hope that Valentine Handmade will allow me to contribute to my family financially. It is not required, simply desired. Not desired because I feel like I’m not doing enough. I do quite a bit around these parts. Or, I’m not using my degree. I work with my family socially everyday. Lol. Or, I feel useless. I’m quite used up at days’ end, in a good way. Or, I feel like I’m losing myself. I have found more of myself in the past 11 years, than the years before. Now there are those days when I’m chasing kids and the house is a mess that I feel like I’ve already lost the game. For me, it’s simple. Whether I’m creating a garment or a curriculum, I have skills that are monetizable. Valentine Handmade is a platform that will hopefully allow me to share these things.

I love to create, and it shows! I’m sorry, I am unable to refrain from the cheese right now.

tongue out.jpg

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