Handmade all the way.

Well, looks like I made it all week! Yay for being able to set a goal and complete it. I must celebrate the small victories. I remember the times it was hard for me to initiate anything. So, I am two seconds from a “high praise”. Lol.

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thank you

Thank you for allowing me to process and share with you this week. It’s been good to think more about why I wanted to start Valentine Handmade. So, the last thing I’ll share about is how it all began.

The reality is, I love to work with my hands.

I was an adult before I could own this part of my design. Of course, as I look back, I can remember creating things throughout my life. But, there is something about those light bulb moments. They change everything.

Growing up, I lived next door to my great aunt. She is a retired educator. She was a collector of items. She was a seamstress. I knew little about the art, but would see her at the machine sometimes. I even remember her making a couple of clothing items for me. I always hoped that she would. I do believe this is where the seed was planted. Nothing stirred for years though. Fast forward to marriage and children. For those that like stories, you can read more about how my husband got tired of hearing me talk about learning to sew and decided to do something about it, here.

When I started sewing, we didn’t have much money to invest in tools and fabric. I used whatever I could get my hands on. Nothing was safe at all. With each item I made for my children or my home, I learned new skills. For example:



became these

cloth diapers

and these


and these


And here we are today. I’m still making children’s items and I love it! I like making things for big people too. So, you’ll probably see a mixture of products that are made from upcycled fabrics as well as those made from new materials. But, if I’m being honest, I think my sweet spot may be upcycled items. We’ll just have to see how this thing goes. It is a good feeling to restore value to something that has been forgotten or discarded. Here is my daughter wearing a top we refashioned from her grandfather’s shirt. See what I mean?

refashion collage.jpg

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here. Stick with me if you want to know what’s happening with Valentine Handmade. Thanks again for stopping by.


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